Mountains, Water, Fields

The Farm’s mission is to provide a healthy, safe and enjoyable organic lifestyle to everyone who aspires a sustainable future with us.

After years of searching, our founder landed upon this hilly terrain in Xuyi, Jiangsu. With its subtropical climate and natural resources, Our over 10 km2 of land is the beginning of a new chapter – a greener chapter – for you and for us.

Our Values

At The Farm, we believe nature is alive; and if we treat it with respect, it will reward us with energy.

While sharing safe and fresh produce with consum-ers, we aspire to a sustainable future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a sustainable future for our bodies, land and planet, so everyone can continue to enjoy what nature has to gift to us. We invite consumers to become investors for a long-term development that changes the way we consume food, and together, we make organic the basic.

With a dream to forge ahead

In this era when more and more consumers are extremely concerned about health and nutrition, nutrition experts and agricultural soil experts work around the clock to ensure the production of healthy and high-quality products, which is our perseverance.